Winter Maintenance Service gets underway on A92 from Dundee to Arbroath

September 30, 2020

Road users of the A92 between Dundee and Arbroath are advised that BEAR Scotland’s winter maintenance service is now underway until 21 May next year.

BEAR Scotland’s experienced winter maintenance team will work around the clock to analyse detailed forecasts and weather information from roadside weather sensors to ensure that treatment is carried out at the most appropriate times.

Treatment of the Carriageway

Precautionary salting will be carried out in advance of freezing conditions to prevent ice forming on the road surface. Resources will be available around-the-clock to provide this service and each treatment will be completed within a maximum of two hours from start to finish.

Weather conditions can change suddenly and where unexpected conditions arise, reactive salt treatments will take place within one hour. During snow or freezing rain, resources will be deployed continuously until the road is clear and the weather abates.

Warddykes Primary School in Arbroath helped come up with a name for one of the gritters that carries out salt treatments on the A92 between Dundee and Arbroath – the ‘Polar BEAR Express’ – which can be spotted working hard each winter.

Treatment of Cycleways & Footways

Precautionary salting and snow clearing will be carried between the following times during the winter maintenance period:

• Mondays to Saturdays (except 25 & 26 Dec and 1 & 2 Jan) 0600hrs to 1800hrs

• Sundays (and 25 & 26 Dec and 1 & 2 Jan) 0800hrs to 1600hrs

Road users are urged to give consideration to road surface conditions when planning journeys during periods of adverse winter weather.

David Wright, BEAR Scotland’s Winter Manager for the A92, said: “Weather conditions during the winter months can change suddenly and provide many challenges for the travelling public. We place a real emphasis on prevention at BEAR Scotland and our winter maintenance team work around the clock to ensure surfaces are treated before the worst of the weather hits. During snow or freezing rain, our resources will be deployed continuously until the road is clear.

“However, motorists must also play their part by being fully prepared for winter. This includes ensuring their vehicle is well maintained, that they pay close attention to local and national media and information websites to help plan journeys during inclement weather, and that they carry equipment to help themselves should conditions deteriorate.

”The Traffic Scotland website offers up to date information about Scotland’s roads and motorists should always try to plan ahead where possible, especially if unfavourable winter weather conditions are forecast.”

For day to day issues, enquiries, or to report any defects on the A92 between Dundee and Arbroath please contact BEAR Scotland on 0800 028 9843.

For further information about winter maintenance in the rest of the Dundee City and Angus areas please visit the Councils’ websites at: &