Experience that delivers

BEAR Scotland is a leading road maintenance and management firm in Scotland.

We develop and build local management and delivery teams in each area where we hold a contract. These teams are supported by both national partners and local SME suppliers to provide an economic, flexible, resilient and sustainable service.

We work to understand local priorities and challenges – agreeing how best to achieve objectives collaboratively. As a result, our single seamless team brings unique expertise, best practice and innovation as part of our end-to-end service delivery.

Our expertise

Our vast experience of service delivery includes:

Road maintenance operations
Our skilled teams carry out emergency repairs to minimise disruption caused by any road defects or road traffic accidents.  We also carry out road safety repairs, cyclic maintenance activities such as gully cleaning and grass cutting, and also provide traffic management to keep motorists as well as our workforce safe. Specialist electrical teams take care of the street lighting and traffic signals across the trunk roads we are responsible for, and our landscaping teams manage an extensive grass cutting, tree felling and weed management programme to keep roads clear and safe. We also keep the roads clear of ice and snow 24/7 through our robust winter maintenance programme.

Civil engineering consultancy
BEAR Scotland is one of the largest civil engineering consultancies in Scotland. Our team of designers deliver innovative solutions in roads improvement design, road structural maintenance to improve the durability of the existing road network, bridge inspection and design as well as accident investigation and prevention to improve road safety. Our end-to-end approach means that BEAR has the capability to deliver the smallest sign replacement scheme to large road reconstruction and bridge replacement projects. Our highly experienced work force provide supervision through every stage of works ensuring peace of mind to clients and road users.

Network management
We also carry out safety and detailed road inspections, asset management inspections, assess planning applications, authorise road space for all roadworks on the trunk road network, and work to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum for road users.

About BEAR

Formed in 2000, BEAR Scotland is an alliance of three highly successful organisations who are prominent in the United Kingdom roads sector – VinciJacobs and Breedon – joining together to provide trunk road network management and maintenance solutions to Transport Scotland.

Collectively these organisations span the world, allowing us to call on the global strength and expertise of our shareholders where required.

Since 2000 we have been involved in five generations of Transport Scotland Trunk Road Operating Company contracts covering various areas of Scotland, and are presently responsible for approximately 60% of Scotland’s trunk road network. This includes the North West and South East Scottish Trunk Road Units.

We have also diversified outwith the Trunk Road Operating Company Contracts and are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the M80 Stepps to Haggs in Scotland’s central belt. This is a contract undertaken of behalf of Highway Management Scotland Ltd (HMG), a company formed to design, build, manage and operate this 18km section of motorway for Transport Scotland.

Similarly, BEAR also operates and maintains the 18km A92 Dundee to Arbroath Dual Carrigeway for Claymore Roads working for Angus Council and Dundee City Council.

On a smaller scale, BEAR also offers bespoke services to local authorities and new works contractors within the roads sector.

Our vision

Delivering safe, sustainable service excellence with the aim of being recognised as the leading infrastructure management and maintenance organisation in Scotland.

Our values

Excellence – we will surpass industry benchmarks by excelling in health and safety, environmental sustainability, learning and development, and stakeholder relations.

Collaboration – we will foster a collaborative approach which encourages dialogue, freedom, flexibility and autonomy, creating a culture of shared success.

Innovation – we will challenge the way we work by instilling a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing and support of developmental behaviour.

Integrity – we will value and respect our work colleagues and business partners


‘Think Safe, Home Safe’ is our leading-edge health and safety culture which aims to eradicate unnecessary risk for those we employ and serve. More than just a logo, it represents our dedication to the safety of our employees, both at work and at home.

Our supply chain

At BEAR Scotland, we value the long-term relationships we build with our suppliers and service providers as well as our clients. With our wide range of activities and broad geographical spread, there are many different opportunities to work with us.

As a growing and successful company we are looking for good suppliers and subcontractors to work with.

Working for and with us, our supply chain partners represent BEAR Scotland and our clients. Irrespective of their place in the hierarchy, our partners meet our standards, work in accord with our procedures and are held accountable for their performance at all times.

If you join us, you will be part of the integrated one-team service we provide to customers. And you will share the opportunities our successful and dynamic business is creating.

We are committed to continuous improvement, to capturing innovation, and to sustainable development. And when we say we live our values – integrity, versatility, openness, resilience – we mean it.  We expect our partners to share them too.

If you are interested in becoming part of our supply chain please contact commercial@bearscotland.co.uk

Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to operating a sustainable and socially responsible business which has a positive impact on the communities in which we work.

We work closely with our clients, employees, supply chain and business partners to ensure we embed corporate responsibility in everything we do both within our organisation and with those we work with.

We recognise that by working closely with our stakeholders we maximise our ability to make a positive impact on society and at the same time help promote community engagement within our industry.

From school visits to charity days, from volunteering to help communities to donating our services to help at local events – we get involved with the communities in which we operate.