May 16, 2023

  • 12 nights of roadworks from 30th May 2023.
  • Overnight lane and slip road closures.


As part of a rolling programme of maintenance works, a series of overnight lane closures and a slip road closure will get underway on Tuesday 30th May. This will allow BEAR Scotland and Carnell, on behalf of Highway Management (Scotland) Limited, to carry out essential maintenance works on the filter drains on the verges of the M80 at various locations between Junctions 5 and 7.


The series of hard shoulder closures, lane closures and a slip road closure of the northbound slip road at Junction 7 Haggs are necessary to keep road workers, as well as road users safe.  Teams will work in phases over a 12-night period between 30th May and 10th June, moving on to the next section in the programme once the filter drain recycling is completed at each location.


The closures will take place overnight between 20:00hrs and 06:00hrs, with signed diversions in place when necessary.  There will be no traffic restrictions outwith these times.


Provisional dates for these closures are listed in the table below. It should be noted that dates are subject to change in the event of adverse weather or operational requirements


Dates Location Type of closure Diversion  
30/05/2023 – 04/06/2023 M80 Southbound Between Junctions 6 and 5 Hard shoulder and lane closures Not required
05/06/2023 – 06/06/2023 M80 Southbound Between Junctions 6a and 6 Hard shoulder and lane closures Not required
07/06/2023 M80 Southbound Between Junctions 6 and 5 (centre reservation) Lane 2 closures NB and SB Not required  
08/06/2023 – 10/06/2023 M80 northbound J7 Haggs on slip closure Slip road closures. M80 northbound J7 Haggs on slip closure diversion: A803 – M80 S/B J7 on slip – M80 S/B – M80 S/B J6a off slip – M80 N/B J6a on slip – M80 N/B – end.





Carnie Morrison, Highway Management (Scotland) Limited General Manager, said: “These essential maintenance works are being carried out overnight when traffic flows are reduced to minimise delays to motorists as much as possible.  The traffic management is required to ensure that both our teams as well as all road users are kept safe during the essential maintenance works, however teams will do all they can to complete the works as quickly and safely as possible.


“We thank all road users for their patience while these essential investigation works are carried out and encourage motorists to plan their journeys in advance by checking the Traffic Scotland website for up to date journey information.”


Real-time journey planning information can be obtained by visiting www.traffic.gov.scot or twitter @trafficscotland.


Works have been planned in consultation with Transport Scotland and North Lanarkshire Council.