March 29, 2024

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity has received a £750 donation to support its focus on making the hospital experience better for children, young people, and their families when they are at their lowest, most worried point.

Transport Scotland’s trunk road operating company, BEAR Scotland, which manages and maintains trunk roads near the Capital including the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass and the Queensferry Crossing, made the donation.

Gillian Laurie, BEAR Scotland’s South East Correspondence Officer, nominated the charity to benefit from the road company’s Regional Charity Initiative.

She has a personal connection to the charity: “One of my closest friend’s son was in a tragic accident and was in hospital for a few days before he sadly passed away. The care that the whole family received whilst he was in hospital was incredible.

“Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity provided memory boxes, fingerprint jewellery, knitted elephants and other thoughtful items. All of these provided some comfort in the darkest of days. I am incredibly grateful for the support they provided my friend.”

The BEAR Regional Charity initiative encourages employees to nominate a charity or cause that operates in the communities in which it works to get a funding boost.

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity also provides patients and their families with activities such as weekly film nights, games and dance workshops. It also has a supply of phone chargers and toiletries they can give parents if needed as they understand that having a child in hospital is a stressful time and such things can be forgotten.

Kate Dixon from Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity said: “Donations like these allows us to be able to offer a wide range of support, no matter the circumstance. People are often going through the worst times in their lives when they see us. We want to be able to give the best support to everyone no matter their situation.”

Find out more about Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity here: https://echcharity.org/