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    Part 3 - Criminal Convictions

    This is to assist you in disclosing any unspent convictions you may have under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The Company will consider applications on their merits, only taking into account convictions considered to be relevant to the job applied for.

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    Part 10 - Supporting Evidence

    Please give reasons for making this application. You need to read the job desciption and person specification carefully, and then explain how your skills, abilities and experience fit you for the post. These may have been gained through paid employment, voluntary/community work, domestic responsibilities, spare time activies and training.

    Part 11 - Referees

    At least one referee must be your current or most recent employer. Please note, we will only contact in the event that an offer is made and accepted.

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    Do you have any disability defined within the Equal Opportunities Act 2010? If you do please indicate the nature of your disability.

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    Please confirm you have the right to work in the UK in line with current guidelines, proof must be provided at interview stage.

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    Part 13 - Authorization

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