April 11, 2024


A83 Old Military Road remains in use


Following a hillside inspection and safety review this morning, BEAR Scotland will be keeping the Old Military Road open for A83 Rest and Be Thankful traffic today, Monday 15 April, as a precaution.


Boulders which came to the surface after heavy rain last week were dealt with over the weekend and the hillside was monitored throughout. The wet weather continues today but the forecast looks set to improve tonight.


A decision will be made about returning traffic to the A83 trunk road on the morning of Tuesday 16 April.


Ian Stewart, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative, said: “While we monitor the situation closely, we’ve decided to use the Old Military Road as a proactive safety measure. We understand that this can be inconvenient and we apologise for any disruption, but safety remains the priority. Using the Old Military Road will ensure the route remains accessible for travellers, keeping Argyll very much open for business. The drier weather for the remainder of the week will hopefully allow us to get traffic back on the A83 and that will be confirmed tomorrow morning.”


Real time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland A83 Rest and Be Thankful and X @trafficscotland. Ferry options are also available, check www.western-ferries.co.uk.


Find more information on the traffic management process at the Rest and Be Thankful here.